Great wine starts in the Vineyard which is why we only make our wines from the grapes we grow on our steep, hillside winery property. We walk the vineyard almost every day to make sure everything is developing properly, and to correct any small problems before they grow into big problems.

All of our grapes are hand harvested at optimum ripeness and picked in the cool morning in small lots. The grapes are brought immediately to our crush pad where we personally hand sort them, selecting only the best, before running them through our small crusher/stemmer. The red grapes then sit for 24 hours in a cool environment where we carefully check and record the brix, acid and ph before adding the yeast. The white grapes are pressed immediately to minimize contact with the seeds and skins. After fermentation starts, we gently hand punch down the must twice or three times a day while monitoring and controlling the temperature as required.

Roadrunner Ridge Wine Crafting Philosophy

After fermentation, we press out the juice with a traditional basket press which extracts less juice from the grapes, but yields lower tannins, a higher, richer quality, color and more intense flavors. We monitor the developing wine  frequently checking for off-flavors or defects, and tasting and smelling to insure there are no damaging flaws.

In Europe, almost all wine has been blended for centuries to capture more complexity, produce better balance, and richer flavors than any single varietal. When adjustments or corrections are required to acid, ph or flavor and aroma profiles, every attempt is made to blend for complexity rather than adding chemicals to correct or cover up a fault.  All red wines receive “Time in Oak” (Time, oak type and toast level as appropriate to the individual wine), as we feel that many wines we taste have excessive oak ageing in attempts to enhance an otherwise mediocre wine. Prior to bottling we do a very careful and through tasting and blending of our wines. Just as you would not normally make a recipe with a single ingredient, we believe that having a multitude of flavors and aromas allows our wine to pair well with a wide range of food and show appealing character at different ages.

The entire wine making process, from growing, picking, crushing, fermenting, ageing, and bottling the finished wine is done on-premises, by hand. This is incredibly time and labor intensive, but we firmly believe that keeping the entire winemaking process in-house is critical to producing a premium bottle of wine.Type your paragraph here.